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Tibetan Community Celebration in Sydney


one of the times I was fortunate enough to meet the Dalai Lama (2008)

It was really interesting to be at the Sydney Tibetan Community celebration for His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Birthday today. Just because I have been going to days like this since 1998 when the community in Sydney was only 80 Tibetans living in Sydney. Plus a bunch of Inji (whitey) supporters.

You should have seen it today! There are now over 500 Tibetans in Sydney, with families and children everywhere. The little kids of 1998 are now stylish teenagers who are performing the folk songs and dances. And the hall was PACKED! It was standing room only and the line for lunch was loooong. But the mood was good and lunch was yummy!!

The biggest change was also the loveliest. The Dalai Lama has always encouraged dialogue between Chinese and Tibetans both at an intergovernmental level and at an interpersonal level. Since his 2009 visit an initiative has begun in Sydney known as the China, Tibet Friendship Group and today at the celebrations there were several speeches and performances from Chinese members of the group which were done with sincerity and genuiness. It was wonderfull!


Happy Birthday to the Dalai Lama!


the lovely old lady peeking out from a giant poster of the Dalai Lama at a celebration in Dharamsala makes me smile

So I ate some yummy yummy momo’s with Husbot and a friend yesterday to celebrate His Holiness’ 75th Birthday -yay!! it was a small and unofficial celebration but one done with sincerity!

When I came home I did the long life prayer to the Dalai Lama which I love to do. It is such a beautiful prayer. On the weekend we will go to the Tibetan communities official celebration where there will be dancing, singing, speeches, stalls to buy things and of course… more yummy food. There are ones all around Australia (and where ever Tibetans live around the world) http://www.atc.org.au/news-mainmenu-28/eye-on-tibet/1366-dalai-lama-75th-birthday-events-around-australia

To see the celebrations that occured in Dharamsala here is another link http://dalailama.com/webcasts/post/115-his-holinesss-75th-birthday it is lovely!!


Burma Elections will consolidate the millitary’s power


hhhmmm… at first glance it could seem like a good thing, an election this year in Burma. But don’t be fooled. This election has already been decided and the winner will be…. the Military Junta!

The election in 2010 is merely formality to approve the continued brutal military rule of the country. This election will not put power back in the hands of the Burmese people – instead it will further entrench the military into power.  The 2008 military-drafted constitution makes sure of this.

How the constitution entrenches military power

The constitution clearly entrenches military power in Burma’s governance. There are a number of ways this occurs:

  • 25 per cent of all seats in the parliament are reserved for military personnel. 
  • The constitution cannot be altered without approval of 75 per cent of the parliament.
  • Key cabinet portfolios such as Defense, Home Affairs and Border Areas are reserved for military personnel. 
  • The military maintains sweeping emergency powers as well as immunity from prosecution of previous crimes.
  • The Chief of Staff of the Defense Forces is an unelected position yet has the authority to nominate defense personnel to key positions.

Not to mention that anyone who has been convicted of a crime is denied from running in the election – and since the Military Junta has systematically arrested and imprisoned almost all political opposition they have ensured that they have eliminated Aung San Suu Kyi and all other National League for Democrasy (NLD) members.

The Junta aren’t stupid. Just criminal.

for more information see: Burma Campaign Australia


Tibet Earthquake


Yes, I understand that it seems like the Earthquake was a while ago… a whole two weeks. BUT that is long enough to bump it out of the news. The quake occured in the Kyigudo area of eastern Tibet (Chinese: Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province), on Wednesday, 14 April. The quake destroyed up to 85 percent of the mud and wood houses, monasteries, hospitals, schools along with power and water infrastructure in the region. It is estimated that about 2000 people died.

I still feel it is worth posting about it, because it saddens me so much. The people who were affected by this earthquake were Tibetans who were already in a desperate situation, they were an occupied people who were already poor and politicall opressed. This is why I feel that there situation is just so miserable.

anyway if you are feeling as sad as me and would like to do something about it then… you can!

In Australia there are two places collecting donations (you can recieve a tax reciept for your donation)

Union Aid Abroad APHEDA have an appeal which directs funds to their partner on the ground The Tibet Village Project.

Or, you can donate to the appeal supported by the Australia Tibet Council and Tibet Information Office.

either would be fine….

For more information see:

Dalai Lama seeks to go to the earthquake area to support Tibetans

Associated Press Article


The Australia Tibet Council


Tibet trip 1999


I am sure a lot has changed – in fact I know it has! But I still love some of my pictures from Tibet on my first trip overseas.

They are not that great because they are scanned prints

Potala Palace the real home of the Dalai Lama


the beautiful stupa at Gyantse


Some gorgeous girls who would be about 20 now!


Tidrum Nunnery

It is such a beautiful place! I would love to go back but it is much too sad at the moment for me.


System Rebooting


Zobot booting up …….

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